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The Depressing State of the Music Industry, or: How Artists Must Learn to Not Cover Songs Nor Give Them Away For Free

I received an email from Google in August of 2013 explaining how the status of the two cover albums I recorded around Christmas time in years past had been put on hold from distribution from Google’s Music service. I inquired as to why this happened and the following is the email exchange that ensued. August 23, 2013 from Hello, Thanks for contacting artist support….

Barking Up The Wrong Tree

Music fans, RHCP fans, and even football fans were outraged that the half-time show of Super Bowl XLVIII featuring Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers had all instruments miming to a pre-recorded track with only vocals being performed live. There is an outcry of fans who are in disgust with RHCP over this “controversy”. The fact that a fan would place blame and…

Mastered For iTunes: A Step in the Right Direction?

As we move toward the the future and technology evolves at an incredible rate we are seeing higher resolution TVs, Bluray discs offering unparalleled picture quality, and even HD displays in phones. On top of that, it is all but official that the next version of the iPad to be unveiled next week will feature double the resolution. But all this advancement in picture quality…

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