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The Depressing State of the Music Industry, or: How Artists Must Learn to Not Cover Songs Nor Give Them Away For Free

I received an email from Google in August of 2013 explaining how the status of the two cover albums I recorded around Christmas time in years past had been put on hold from distribution from Google’s Music service. I inquired as to why this happened and the following is the email exchange that ensued. August 23, 2013 from Hello, Thanks for contacting artist support….

Parker Nitefly-M

This is hands down, by far, the best guitar I have ever owned or played. The versatility of this guitar is unparalleled. Along with dual hum-buckers, the Nitefly also sports a Piezo acoustic pickup and a switch to choose between either the hum-buckers, piezo, or both. The hum-buckers also feature a coil-tap switch which wires them as a single-coil so you can achieve that stratocaster…

FLomid / A Christmas Evening with FLomid 2009 / “Secret Mike v8-Bit”