Mastered For iTunes: A Step in the Right Direction?

As we move toward the the future and technology evolves at an incredible rate we are seeing higher resolution TVs, Bluray discs offering unparalleled picture quality, and even HD displays in phones. On top of that, it is all but official that the next version of the iPad to be unveiled next week will feature double the resolution. But all this advancement in picture quality has left audio enthusiasts behind. When was the last time that you heard of higher resolution audio that actually succeeded (yes, SACDs don’t really count)? In fact, things are going in the opposite direction. With streaming music so prominent we are now settling for less quality as a sacrifice to be able to stream any possible song you can think of.

Apple’s latest offering “Mastered For iTunes” offers high quality audio through the iTunes store and has a rigorous set of guidelines for music publishers to qualify. Yes, this indeed is an effort by the record labels to attempt to diffuse the copyright time bomb that was created in 1976, but audio fans have to appreciate the effort regardless of the motives. Rest assured, any audio service processed by NoiseSoundMusic can be delivered at the sample rate and bit depth of your choice so that you can make sure that your tracks are “Mastered For iTunes”.

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