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Quality From Start to Finish

There’s something to be said about owning a product’s vision and quality from the very inception to its launch. There are many stages of product development, particularly those that involve hardware, and one thing that seems to be a glaring oversight that has become a slight trend is the integration of hardware and software. In a nutshell of a nutshell you can simply think of…

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Calling it a Smartwatch Does Not Make it Smart

Google last week unveiled Android Wear. Along with this, Motorola teased their Moto 360 smartwatch. CES 2014 was filled with wearable tech, most notably a plethora of smartwatches. This landscape is all too eerily similar to “smartphones” circa 2006:     Now I’m not going to speculate that Apple has the magic answer for this mess of a landscape, but the feature set of these…

4 Months With iOS 7 (Final)

I must say, aesthetically, iOS 7 has grown on me. Installing very buggy developer builds that featured a home screen of clashing iOS 6 and iOS 7 style icons was very jarring, but now that nearly all developers have provided proper updates that fit in with the new polish of iOS 7 there is a lot less to complain about in terms of visual design….

A Week With iOS 7 (Developer Preview #1)

Let me just start by saying that I will reserve my official judgement of iOS 7 as whole until the public release later this year.  And that the opinions expressed here are solely based on developer preview #1 released shortly after Apple’s WWDC keynote. With that said, what a piece of garbage.  I can go into detail about the visual design, how iOS has lost…

Responsive Design as a Philosophy

Surely, everyone in the internet industry has heard of it by now: Responsive Web Design.  It has pros and cons and there is certainly a debate to be had about Responsive Web Design itself.  But larger than that, there is a philosophy behind Responsive Design that cannot be argued.  Users are accessing websites and content from different devices than they used to.  But not only…