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KCAAYKM I: The Dopey Meeting Scheduler

Welcome to the first part in a potentially infinite series that I am calling: “Keep Calm And… Are You Kidding Me?”. Join me on a journey through some of the biggest gripes that exist within technology, the human race, or both. On any given day I have a decent amount of items on my work calendar between meetings, daily stand-ups, interviews, one-on-ones, and more. Viewing…

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The Official Dodgers Workout

Baseball season is in full effect and I present to you a way to watch all the baseball you want guilt-free and at the same time get a very decent workout in that feels effortless. Here’s the problem: a typical baseball game is at least 3 hours long, and there are 162 regular season games played in the span of 182 days. Do the math…

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Amazon Fire TV, huh?

Not much to report on this except for a few key points that I don’t see anyone mentioning: Amazon Fire TV has only 8gb of storage. This fact alone is going to prevent it from being any kind of serious console competitor. And for the “but it’s a streaming device first, Amazon’s not trying to be a serious console competitor!” response, I say, then why…